Our company has directs contracts with emerald miners from Russia, Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Columbia and Brazil. Ready to offer you different variant of color/clarity and dimensions.

For today we have about 12 000 Cts on stock in Moscow. Ready for examining.

Weights – from 2.0 to 80.0 cts.

Price from 250 to 3000 $/ct.

ALso we have over 10 000 ct on stock in Dubai, UAE. Price from 150 to 3000 $/ct.

Stones are fully natura, without maitanance or heating. You can check it by yourself.

Photos of stones on stock in Moacow and Dubai.

Some specials:

1. Emerald 4 400 cts. Price – 2200 $/ct.  EXW India, Mumbai

Video of stones on stock:

2 emerald stones with weight 4,23 ct on stock in Pakistan.