We buy

shakeGELOX GEMS is open for everyone and we are ready to cooperate with new miners and producers!

We are interested to work directly with miners or their official representative.

Here is the demand of our company:

  • Rough diamonds, jewellery. From 0,10 ct. Delivery: Russia, Belgium, Spain, UAE;
  • Rough diamonds, industrial. А8/9 1000/800; К200/К160/К125; -1…+0.5; -2…+1; -3…+1 any volumes, as much as possible;
  • Rough tourmalines. Watermelon color! Weight from 20 ct. Demand from 1 to 3 kilo. Delivery: Irkutsk (Russia), Hong Kong;
  • Cut emeralds, sapphires, spinel, alexandrite. Delivery: Russia, Germany. Only exclusive! No heating, no oil!

Waiting for you quotations via e-mail – gems@gelox.ru or info@gelox.ru

With hope to do the mutually beneficial business together!



Everyone can buy inorte at low prices.